Thursday, March 28, 2013

More of Emily's thoughts on Never Give Up

Here's a link to another book blog that I have.  It's a separate blog because I get books for free from a publishing house so long as I blog about them and review them on Amazon or some other website.  Anyhoo....I wrote a long post over there about Never Give Up.  Really, I think I could write an essay about this book.

Well, if you're interested...

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  1. HI Julia!! I am taking some time this morning to browse through your tremendous list of blogs, and really appreciated this one in particular. My husband and I love to read, and I am always searching for worthwhile titles (outside of the classic "great books" list) to enjoy. You left a very kind comment on my blog post about boys last week, and I wanted to reciprocate the favor!! Looking forward to keeping up with you!! :)
    - Susan


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